Can Anyone Spy On You in a Video Chat

With the rapid spread of online technologies, risks of cyber attacks and personal data disruptions or even thefts also rise. Nowadays, Internet and social media users become more and more scared of being spied on, and this is not surprising. Since in the web space we share our innermost thoughts, ideas, and beliefs to people whom we trust, we do not usually analyse whether we trust the system we are using for this data transfer.

With a growing number of cyber attacks and hacks, people come to an understanding that sharing information online means sharing it with more than an addressee. However, does the same applies to other types of communications like video chat or audio messages? In case such are also spied on, it seems our lives have lost their privacies. Let us figure out whether someone can actually spy on a person through a video chat.

Online Spying in Modern Times

Recently, the world’s largest corporations have been alleged in spying on their users in various ways. For instance, Facebook has collected personally identifiable information of 87 million Facebook users for further processing by Cambridge Analytics. Facebook users have virtually shared their data to an entity where they underwent further elaboration and analysis. This is a bright example of how unsafe online space actually is and how even the largest and most trusted companies can spy on their users.

When it comes to video chats, these also seem to be subject to online spying. However, everything does depend on the trustworthiness of the website or an app as well as the safety precaution one may take not to be spied on. Given that the majority of video chats are anonymous and do not contain any valuable information for the online platforms, it is highly unlikely that people are being spied on such.

Here are some tips to prevent being spied on your phone or PC:

  • encrypt as much communications as you can;
  • encrypt your hard drive;
  • design strong and complicated passwords and change them once in six months;
  • turn on two-factor authentication available in Google, Gmail, Twitter, Dropbox;
  • try to constantly update the software and use licensed anti-virus softwares.

Moreover, before starting to use a video chat app or website, one may as well look in the Internet for reviews and especially regarding the online surveillance. This would definitely prevent you from unintentionally sharing of data with some random parties. In case there are not much reviews and thus users of a video chat app, it may also be not a good idea to use this one for video calling.

To sum it up, cyber security is playing more and more important role in modern society. There are still risks of being spied on even by the large and trusted corporations like Facebook. These risks, however, cannot be absolutely mitigated. In case of anonymous video chats spying is not an issue given that an individual has researched the trustworthiness of the website before actually using it.

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