The Most Widespread Myths about Video Chats

Imagine you need to gather a particular team of seven people working in the international corporation with frequent business trips in three weeks. When trying to do it in person, things do not really work out as some of the group seem to have already planned their time months in advance, not even weeks. You are neglecting the video chat opportunity as this is always a prejudiced one for being hard to set up technically, lagging, as well as being too expensive.

Left with nothing else to undertake, you will definitely recourse to video chats in the end. And in this article we will try to destroy all of  the misconceptions about chatting, especially for business purposes. Since sometimes there is no other way than to go online, and it is well worth it.

Misconceptions about Video Chatting

Video chats are typically conducted via a computer, tablet or smartphone device, and may involve one-to-one interaction, as in the case of FaceTime and Skype, or multipoint interaction, as in the typical case of Google Hangouts. There are a few purposes for online chatting including holding of business meetings, communicating with other individuals, be it complete strangers, group of friends or a beloved one, and learning languages with native speakers.

Thus, the following are the most common misconceptions on chatting via video platforms:

    • everyone has to be a tech wizard: majority believes that to conduct a video chat one should use a large, clunky conference room outfitted with complicated hardware and software. In nowadays reality, anyone can use the video conferencing solutions owing to their simplicity of usage and well-developed user experience design.

    • only help saving traveling costs: it is obvious that video conferencing has cut back on travel costs for employers around the world, but there is more to it than that. The technology has particularly increased the collaborative nature of work, given that it provides fast and easy accessibility to group discussions. It is also more efficient than e-mail, especially for workers of the creative field.
    • used only by large international corporations: this is the assumption we have started with. Since video conferencing solutions have been significantly developing, many providers have focused on services suitable to small and medium sized businesses. Agile teams often work in the video chat flow too.
    • too expensive: costs always come into light either for a large corporation or for a small entity. However, a majority of chatting solution are free today. A good way to find out what is available is to do a little research, and see what kind of investment you are ready to make.

For those using video chats for purposes other than business, it is also good to know that video chats are not created exclusively for dating or searching for a partner. There is a great number of online communication tools where people share their ideas and interests with other users of a platform thus widening their worldview and enriching personalities. Certainly, services created for dating purposes still dominate the majority of chat platforms, however, should not prevent you from looking for a platform of interest to you.

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