Video Chats for Business Meetings

Nowadays, technology plays a crucial part in both private as well as business communications, as it allows a more efficient management of international and agile teams. Obviously, for businesses operating globally there is always a need to coordinate efforts on a larger level by constantly keeping in touch with partners from other parts of the world. Video chats are among the most efficient solutions to a challenge of international team work organization.

Therefore, a majority of companies of all sizes and industries employ the online chat technology in their everyday operations. Even though people still prefer communication in person, online meetings can be a good solution as long as the software they are conducted in is a solid one and accommodates for all needs of a particular business. Below, we will discuss a number of app and website solutions to conduct video meeting in online which are especially suitable for business purposes.

Best Software for Online Business Meetings

There is a variety of online apps and tools to hold online meetings. However, not everything depends on the chosen software, but rather on the organizers’ efforts as to the technology set up and facilitation of communication during the meeting. That is why, one should consider these aspects in the first place when trying to introduce online video chats in the working process. In case things go wrong for the first time, people may feel confusion and resistance to the proposed changes.

Among the best online meeting apps are:

    • ezTalks Cloud Meeting: if you want to organize a meeting of many people in one go, this video chat software for PC allows you to start a conversation with up to 100 people in a meeting free of charge.
    • Skype for Business: is free for all participants of the online conversation.  If you want to make a phone call on PSTN number, then you can do that also using Skype against a small payment for the services.
    • Google Hangouts: is a free call chat software by Google that allows you to have one on one communication for a friendly chat, and if you want to include more people in this communication, you are free to do so.


  • ooVoo: is another amazing solution for video chat and calls. This free video call chat software has various features and second to none quality. This tool allows to include 12 people in a group chat each one having a perfect video signal and no sound lagging.

To this end, video chatting is a popular and efficient way to organize a working process for virtual teams not necessarily operating internationally. Video chatting is also widely used for agile teams management, as it is a perfect way to discuss an issue in real time, and make decision quickly and efficiently. Internet offers a number of special apps and websites like Skype, Google Hangouts, etc. to perform chats in companies of all sizes.

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