Why Is It Important Not To Lose Vigilance In Random Chats?

Although video chats are rather trustful services with a well-developed security system, users can make crucial mistakes themselves and, thus, become a victim of online scammers. Looking for an interlocutor in chat roulette, you cannot know who will be your partner for a conversation. Thus, it can be a perfect place for all sorts of scammers and online crimes.
Online offenders are usually excellent psychologists and easily gain the victim’s confidence. Thus, these are interlocutors who tell them all the information themselves. In order to avoid sad consequences and not being trapped, do not lose vigilance starting communication and dating in video chats.


What Types Of Crimes Can Be Committed In Random Chats?

There are two main types of online crimes:

  • Financial fraud
    Here, different variations of money extortion exist. Each scammer has his/her own scheme. Some of them try to find out information about your cards/accounts; others ask to put money on their phones on various pretexts. Some users offer to buy something.
  • Blackmail
    Here is one more way of online fraud. A scammer gains the user’s confidence, get some personal or secret information and start blackmailing the victim.
  • Sexual abuse
    This is one more type of crimes that can be the sequence of online dating in video chats. Even if you communicated with a person and decided to meet him/her, there is no enough evidence that the interlocutor is not an offender.

How to Avoid Trouble Communicating With a Scammer?

First of all, you should always remember that there is some information that you can’t disclose in any case. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind when starting communication with a random user:
  • Do not tell the exact address. The user can ask for working or home address. Especially, if you’re going to meet in a real life.
  • If you decided to make a date in reality, choose crowded places. Do not get into a car and do not agree to visit an apartment.
  • Do not speak about your relatives or friends too precisely. There should be a certain level of confidentiality.
  • No need to talk about your savings, bank accounts, and cards, expensive furniture or devices.
Although it is difficult to identify a skilled scammer, it is better to play it safe one more time. In order to not get into the trap, do not lose vigilance and watch yourself and your interlocutor.

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