A creative profile on a video chat

How do you spend your morning? If a person who lived in the previous century was asked such a question, he would have answered that the best thing he could do before going to work was to read a book or a newspaper and to eat his breakfast. However, nowadays the statistics demonstrates that 70% of modern people start their day with a smart phone. The most significant reason for such a change is that the internet was developed not so long ago. These days modern technologies have replaced other essential aspects of our lives. Using innovative devices people can easily find out a lot about the most recent news or look for the information for their study or work in a second.

However, the internet has also become the main place for entertainment. It is possible to relax here for free. For example, sees can watch a new movie without paying anything. Here are also thousands of computer games which will help you rest after a hard day at work. These days human beings don’t even need to go shopping because there are thousands of online stores where users can order food or clothes they need for a cheaper price. This option is also a faster one because you don’t need to find a free day which you will spend in a shop. However, many people believe that the internet has made human beings antisocial because many of us are afraid to begin an interaction with others. To solve such a problem the programmers have developed services specifically for interaction. These online platforms are known as video chats. They help people who live in different parts of the world talk to each other using a web camera. Such an easy way to find a new friend has made it possible to create an account for 20 million people. That’s why one needs to be creative while putting some information on his profile to attract other users’ attention.

Put your best photo


The first thing you need to do is to find a picture for your account. Choose that one which you find the most attractive. However, don’t try to edit it too much because your interlocutor will find out the truth about your appearance after your first conversation.

Don’t get too personal


While writing about yourself on you profile don’t say you personal information such as the place where you live or work because the hackers can use it in order to start blackmailing you.

You need to tell other users only about your hobbies, personal preferences, tastes of music or favorites authors. However, don’t try to write something typical, understand which one of your features you like most. That’s how you will meet your soul mates.

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