The best video chats for Android users

Most of the younger generation cannot imagine how they would survive without having their mobile devices and personal computers which are connected to the internet. Only several dozens of years ago these innovative gadgets were used only in order to relax after a long day at work or school. However, nowadays the situation has constantly changed, and people use their smartphones in order to make their dwelling as not as complicated as it used to be.

However, when we’re talking about those opportunities which we have because of the internet, it’s significant to remember that the internet is one of the most popular platforms for interaction. The statistics show that more than one million of people use their mobile devices in order to have conversations not only with their friends and family members but also with strangers who are located in different parts of the globe. In this case software engineers develop services for interaction regularly. The most popular services for communication are video chats because they can be used even on smartphones. Here are some apps for the Android users.

AnastasiaDate: Date and Chat App

This is one of the most well-known chatting applications for your smartphone. The first thing you need to do beforehand is to sign up. On this case you are allowed to use your personal profile on Facebook. This program has lots of features which make it unique. Here are the most essential advantages:

  • The developers of this app have created a safe security system. That’s why hackers will never get your private information.
  • The possibility to call other users on their phone numbers.
  • Users can send text messages to their interlocutors.


This is also one of the most popular applications for chatting with strangers. The main reason why it’s spread worldwide is that it has a simple interface, and you don’t need to spend much time on learning how to use its features. All options which you have here are free, you should pay only if you want to make your personal profile more popular and make other users pay attention to you.


Bumble is an application which was developed for females. The main specific feature of this program is that women choose males here. Furthermore, this application is great not only for those users who are looking for a relationship but also for online friends or even partners in business.

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