How to Choose a Web Camera for Communication in Cam Chats?

Portable webcams are usually needed in five cases: for work video conferences, video calls to family and friends, as well as for streaming, recording video blogs or dating and communication in random chats. Depending on your purpose of communication, you need to choose a specific model of the web camera. In this article, we will consider how to choose the best web camera for making acquaintances in video chats.

When choosing a web camera, it is necessary to pay attention to the following characteristics of the device:

  • Sensor Resolution, MP

It characterizes the number of photosensitive elements of the camera’s matrix, which capture light in the process of taking video or photo. The higher this resolution, the better the video is. To record an HD-video, models with a 1-megapixel sensor are enough, for FullHD you will need a 2-megapixel model.

  • Video Resolution, Pixels

Even the cheapest modern webcams can record video in FullHD resolution. Their main difference is the maximum frame rate and the quality of the video itself.

  • Frame rate per second

With a frequency of 30 frames per second, not all models can record FullHD video – usually, only expensive cameras can do it.

  • Focusing

The presence of an automatic focusing system in the camera significantly improves the final quality of the picture and allows a user to move freely in the frame without losing focus. This function is important if you want to make dates in random video chats and be sure that your interlocutor clearly sees you.

  • Viewing and rotation angles

The viewing angle of its lens is a very important parameter of a webcam, which determines the amount of space that fits into the frame. It’s best to choose a model with a viewing angle of 70 degrees or more.

For a comfortable camera installation, the possibility of its rotation is also important – both horizontally and vertically. Many models can rotate 360 ​​degrees horizontally, but this is not necessary too often – basically enough and 180 degrees.

  • Connection

The vast majority of modern webcams are connected to a PC using USB ports (USB 2.0). Very few models use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – this is simply not necessary when a user usually has a smartphone with the same or even more capable camera at hand.

  • Microphone

Almost all webcams that you can buy now have a built-in microphone. Most of these microphones, however, do a rather poor job of recording sound – if you want to communicate in a video chat room and ensure a high quality of sound, it is better to use a built-in or a portable microphone. However, expensive webcams cope with audio pretty well.

Pay attention to these parameters when you choose a video cam for dating in cam chats.

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