5 Flirting Techniques that will Help Attract a Pleasant Interlocutor in a Random Video Chat

The ability to flirt is inherent in any girl or woman by nature. In scientific terms, flirting is a combination of verbal and non-verbal gestures that we perform in order to express our interest and attitude to the other person. Flirting is the most common type of initial stage of a relationship between a man and a woman. Do you want to draw the attention of a pleasant interlocutor in a cam chat and make a lasting impression? Do you want to always use the attention of men and sparkle like a diamond in any company? Then these 5 rules are for you!

  • Eye contact

One of the most powerful women’s weapons is their look. There is no man who can resist it. The first rule of establishing contact with a random interlocutor in an online video chat is eye contact. No wonder they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Sometimes just one glance can mean much more than dozens of words.

Every woman who wants to attract a man using her look should remember that her look should be delicate. There is no need to drill an interlocutor with the eyes. If you want to flirt with your eyes, look at your interlocutor, hold your glance for 2-3 seconds, and then look away with a smile and lowered eyelashes.

  • “Shooting eyes”

Shooting with your eyes is a common popular flirting technique. But it requires time to learn how to do it correctly. For the first time, modest women feel ashamed of it but with some practice, confidence comes. Men adore this technique. In order to master shooting eyes, look aside, then look at your interlocutor, and then immediately look away again. Then, start looking at him making an accent on lips.

  •  Innocent conversations

When it’s time to choose a topic for a conversation, in no case do not burden an interlocutor with your problems. Topics about private life are also should be avoided. At least during your first dialogue in an online chat room. This will immediately frighten away your interlocutor because men have plenty of problems at work, they come to random video chats to relax and have fun. Thus, they want that their interlocutors will be pleasant and give only positive emotions.

  • Jokes and humor

The conversation should be neutral and non-binding. You can tell jokes or laugh as a response to his jokes. Funny stories make the conversation less formal and help defuse the situation. Remember that the timbre and pace of the voice can also flirt. The speech should be slow and soft, and the voice timbre should be quiet and low. Forget about shrillness.

  • The ambiguity of phrases

The main rule of a fliting conversation is the ambiguity of phrases. However, do not overdo it and do not slide into vulgarity; otherwise, the effect may become the opposite.

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