7 Rules you should Know if you Want to Dance a Striptease in a Random Video Chat

If a woman wants to please a man or make their conversation more intimate, she can start with a private dance that will show that a woman wants to have something more. Quite frequently, women dance it in cam chats for their boyfriends or husbands. It can be a kind of a love game before sex. Moreover, if two beloved part each other, they can stay in touch with each other via a video chat for communication.

If two people want to have virtual sex, a passionate striptease can become an excellent prelude. Men are crazy about dancing women. Especially if a woman dances exclusively for him. Especially if she undresses herself during a dance.

If you want to please your man and dance a striptease, make sure that you get acquainted with the below-mention rules. It is advisable to abide by them to make your performance truly passionate and enjoyable.

  • The chosen song should be the reflection of your mood, temperament, and soul. It is important to choose the track that will show your inner demons and wild nature. If you feel the song, you’ll automatically move without thinking about movements. In general, your dance will be more passionate and seductive.
  • The chosen underwear should be as sexy as possible. Semitransparent lace lingerie is the perfect choice. A T-shirt, a chemise, or a silky peignoir are excellent options to put on about underwear.
  • Give preference to simple movements. There is no need to add complex movements to your dance. Your man won’t see the difference. Thus, it is better to choose simpler movements that you can better dance and feel self-confident. Otherwise, you will try to show something extraordinary and, as a result, you’ll look awkward or ridiculous.
  • Move smoothly. Slow body waves, circles with chest and hips, turning around are perfect. But do not move too quickly. The pace of the striptease is slow because the partner in a cam chat for whom you dance will be able to observe all your curves.
  • The first minute is not for undressing. You should dance but not put off clothes. This is the time when you turn on a man. You show that something passionate is going to happen soon, but your partner has time to develop imagination and create some fantasies in mind.
  • Start undressing somewhere from the second minute. But do not do it too quickly. Put off every clothing item step by step, leaving enough time for your partner to enjoy a naked part of your body between these steps.
  • Continue dancing and demonstrating your curved body when you’re naked. Do not stop suddenly.

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