How to learn to forgive?

The ability to forgive is often considered an important indicator of maturity. When we do not hold grudges against ourselves or others, we can focus on what is really important, channeling energy into love and creation rather than hatred.

Sometimes we are hurt by someone else’s actions and words, or we blame ourselves for something and are not friendly.

How to forgive the abuser

We’re doing the best we can. In most cases, a person does what is best for him and chooses the best solution of what is best. Agree, no one will intentionally make things worse for themselves unless they want to punish themselves or intentionally do bad things.

Sometimes another person, making everything out of the best motives, hurts and hurts you, not deliberately, because all people are different and everyone has their own concept of what is good. But then he asks for forgiveness, especially when the relationship with you is dear to him. In that case, you should forgive. Forgiveness can be anything, at your discretion.

But another person, for example, deliberately hurts and hurts, deliberately does bad things. Reasons may be different: his psychological problems, and his upbringing, and the relationship in the family. What’s more important is how you feel at that moment. Do you want to continue such a relationship with him? The fixation that someone hurt you can take a lot of effort, because you think and think about it all the time. And it’s like you’re looking at the world and at this person through this hurt filter.

You shouldn’t forgive any violence against yourself. Not ever. And you have every right to do so.

How to forgive yourself for your mistakes

Your tortures and punishments will not lead to anything good. In this way, you shut yourself away from others even more, and do not let other feelings into your life (be it joy, sorrow, delight, or astonishment). If you revel in suffering and self-punishment, the inner tension will only increase.

It is important to understand that the past will not fix, and it is as it is. And do not seek the approval of others, here you are for yourself authority and companion. Don’t be an enemy to yourself, be on your side.

Bad luck doesn’t make you bad. It’s an experience at this price. Whether you take it or not, it’s your decision. Next time you can try to take a small step towards yourself – for example, do not consider yourself clumsy when you can not at once, do not think badly of yourself, but just try again.

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