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Internet dating is becoming more and more popular every day, let’s consider below what are the advantages and disadvantages of dating on the Internet. Someone is completely immersed in virtual life, forgetting about the real. Someone, on the contrary, is very skeptical about this kind of communication. Anyway, free online dating has its pros and cons. But if you really want to try to find your true love through the Internet, just try. An excellent solution for those who are trying this way of communication for the first time, will be registration on the site Mingle.

The main thing about Mingle

Millions of single people want to get to know each other near home on Mingle. We like to connect people around the world. Create an account in just 10 seconds and you can chat with any member, anytime, for free. 

The main thing about Mingle is that it’s a free dating application and a great way to chat and get to know people in your region or around the world. Want to find friends or love for years where you live? No more searching, this dating app will help you find the real love or serious relationship you’ve been waiting for. Getting to know each other is easy now! Mingle will help you find a compatible couple.


This site is very different from its competitors. It has the following features:

  • Millions of profiles with photos and videos;
  • Group chats to communicate;
  • Free messaging with photo, video and audio;
  • Browse members online near you;
  • You can secretly give someone likes and see if the person has reciprocated you;
  • Getting to know like-minded people;
  • A free way to make new friends and get to know each other.

The Mingle app gives users the opportunity to meet, connect and communicate for free. But if you need more, you can upgrade to an effective account with these great features:

  • You can see who’s secretly giving you likes;
  • Read Notification: Tells you when you’ve read your message;
  • Promotion: Your profile is shown first to all potential pairs;
  • No advertisement;
  • Advanced Filter: search by country and age range.

 If you set a goal and view online dating statistics with a positive result, you will see that this method is very rewarding. 7 out of 10 couples who met via the internet create, if not families, quite strong couples. This shows the expediency of this method of dating.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Mingle dating application and start chatting today! ️

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