How to determine that you are in love

It is difficult to put human feelings into words, let alone to categorize them. Since the beginning of time, world philosophers have been thinking and thinking about what love is in fact, and have never reached anything. That is why our attempt to distinguish between attraction, love and love is just a reflection on what we may feel for another person. Sometimes we don’t need categories at all – the main thing is that the butterflies in the stomach flutter.

Now you can overcome a lot of feelings and emotions, especially to the opposite sex. But if you notice that you lose your breath when you see a classmate, do not jump to the conclusion. Let’s first understand what it feels like.

Maybe it is just a fleeting sympathy and tomorrow you will forget about it. But if you feel that these butterflies do not pass in your stomach, then maybe it is a serious crash, that is, real love, or even the long-awaited love! I will help you to distinguish one from another.

It’s because our hormones, which are responsible for pleasure, begin to produce in a frantic volume – and we fly towards our pleasure, like butterflies on fire.

When you feel an unbridled passion, your heart jumps when you see your beloved, you even begin to tremble when you catch your breath – these hormones are boiling in the blood, which means you’re in love.

If in amorousness there can be a lot of pain and suffering, a fire of feelings, then in love you will find only the warm flame of the furnace, which warms the soul even on a gray rainy day.

Love may or may not come after falling in love. It will suddenly appear out of nowhere, just like a sunny bunny at dawn, and will light up your day.

Now that you can distinguish one from the other, I think it will be easier for you to understand what is happening to you.

Amorousness occurs immediately after the sympathy. It is accompanied by a sense of admiration for your partner: his appearance, character traits, behavior, intelligence, erudition. It seems that you have met a special person, endowed with virtues that others do not have. His shortcomings are ignored. There is a desire to arouse back sympathy, to do good deeds.

Love is a long process. If you are attracted to an object of passion for a few weeks or months, it means that you are interested and sympathetic, but nothing more. You can talk about the beginning of love no sooner than after a year of relationship, provided that you and now, after time, well together.

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